Wollongong Private Hospital
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How to Refer and Admit a Patient

We accept the following patients for admission:

  • Private patients
    Any patients with private hospital insurance cover

  • Self insured patients
    An estimate quote for bed fees etc will be sent out to patients prior to admission wherever possible

  • Workers compensation/ third party
    Persons claiming workers compensation or third party damages can be admitted once approval has been obtained from their insurance company

  • Overseas patients
    Persons from overseas can be admitted once approval has been obtained from their insurance company

  • Veterans Affairs patients
    Veterans and War Widows can be admitted to the Hospital

The process for referring and admitting patients to Wollongong Private Hospital:

Elective admissions are arranged through the office of an accredited Visiting Medical Specialist. In most cases a General Practitioner would refer the patient to a Specialist at their rooms where an elective admission could be arranged if appropriate.

Specialists will be supplied with two admission forms: Admission Referral Form and Patient Admission Details. Patients may elect to fill in the Patient Admissions Details using the Wollongong Private Hospital online admission form however the Admission Referral Form (including Consent for Treatment) is to be completed by the Specialist and patient.

The completed forms may be returned to the Hospital by the Specialist's rooms or by the patient. Admission staff will process the form and the patient is booked in (Please note: maternity patients are required to make an appointment to book in). Attendance at a pre-admission interview with General Practitioner may be required, or the patient may receive a phone call from our Pre-Admission nurse. Patients will be contacted by the Hospital with their admission details and provided with a quote for any out of pocket costs.

Unplanned or urgent admissions the Operational Manager may be contacted on 0427 621 661 to determine bed availability.

All patients will be required to present insurance details, show proof of WorkCover approval or pay the estimated cost of their stay if self insured prior to admission.

The operating suites are covered by an on-call service after hours and are available for emergency surgery by the mutual convenience of the Surgeon, the anaesthetist and the Operating Suite staff.

It is recommended that all patients requiring emergency care, are referred to the Emergency Department at Wollongong Hospital.

Contact Details:

The Hospital can be contacted 24 hours a day on 02 4286 1000.

David Crowe, Chief Executive Officer, can be contacted during business hours through his Executive Assistant on 02 4286 1133.

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