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Cuddle Cot Donation to Wollongong Private Hospital

Apr 27, 2018

According to Stillbirth Foundation, there are six stillborn babies a day in Australia – a figure that has not reduced in 20 years.

Sadly earlier this year, the grief of pregnancy loss hit close to home for Vicky and James Maiorca of Shell Cove, as they experienced the heartbreaking loss of their first child, Christian, who was delivered stillborn at 38 weeks gestation.

Since February, Vicky and James Maiorca have embarked on a fundraising campaign with Bears of Hope in memory of their baby boy Christian and have successfully raised over $19,000. With the funds raised, they intend to purchase three cuddle cots, one of which will be generously donated to Wollongong Private Hospital.

A cuddle cot costs $6000 to fund which includes the unit, the moses bassinet, base and linen, embroidery and plaque, transport and administrative costs. The cuddle cot unit includes a cooling system which lies beneath the baby and enables families to spend as much time as they wish with their baby, without the distress to hand their baby back to hospital staff to be cooled in a traditional cooling room.

Mrs Maiorca said “We were able to have Christian with us in our room for 4 days because we were at a hospital that had a cuddle cot. The time we spent with him and the precious memories we created as a family are the most special moments in our lives. We want other families who will have to go through this devastating journey to be able to spend uninterrupted time with their loved babies.”

Wollongong Private Hospital Maternity Nurse Unit Manager, Julie Walsh thanked the Majorca family for their generosity. Ms Walsh said “A cuddle cot is an invaluable support resource for bereaved parents and we are so grateful that Vicki and James have selflessly chosen to offer this gift to other families despite their own heartache.”