Wollongong Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Day of Admission

Admission day

You will be contacted by the hospital the day before your surgery, to confirm the scheduled time for your procedure and fasting times.

The preparation for surgery varies slightly according to the nature of the surgery to be performed. Please ask your Doctor if you need special medical preparation for your procedure.

When you arrive at the hospital, please check in with the Reception Staff at the time arranged, and you will be directed to your admission area.

Fasting Time

This is a period of time, prior to your procedure, when you will have a restricted diet or not be allowed to eat or drink (including water). This time is determined by your Anaesthetist or Surgeon and is related to factors such as your age and the type of operation. It is imperative that fasting times be observed for your safety during your anaesthetic.

If you have any questions about your fasting times please check with your doctor or contact the hospital.

Please bring with you into hospital anything applicable to your admission including:

  • Correspondence from your doctor(s)
  • Consent form (if not already returned to the hospital)
  • Past medical history from your GP
  • X-rays and test results relevant to your procedure
  • Health fund details and payment means for settling your account
  • Medicare Card, Pension Card or other concession cards such as Veterans’ Affairs Entitlement Card
  • Medications in the original labelled packaging
  • Night attire such as a sleeping gown and pair of slippers
  • Personal toiletries
  • Aides such as walking sticks, hearing aides or glasses
  • A book, crosswords or other diversions for your stay

Please note Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices cannot be brought in to our hospital due to safety concerns.


  • Smoke cigarettes or chew gum
  • Wear jewellery - a wedding ring and watch are permitted
  • Bring valuables i.e. mobile phones and large amounts of cash
  • Wear makeup or nail polish

If you are feeling unwell (e.g. cold/flu) and are unsure if you are well enough for your procedure, please contact your treating doctor or GP for advice before admission.

Day Procedure Patients - Additional Information

  • Please shower on the day of admission before coming to the Day Surgery Unit and wear clean clothes
  • Wear garments that are comfortable and easy to remove
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home or accompany you home in a taxi. Check with your nurse before informing relatives / friends regarding the time that you should be picked up.