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Mohs surgery - skin cancer treatment

Known as the gold standard for skin cancer treatment, Mohs surgery can be performed in a single day, under local anaesthetic, and focuses on minimising tissue removal and scarring.

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is a very precise day surgery to remove cancerous skin cells such as melanoma.

Performed by a surgeon trained in both dermatology and pathology, the procedure uses micrographic techniques to examine each layer of tissue around a tumour, removing only the affected areas until all the cancer cells have been removed.

The benefits of Mohs surgery

  • Only cancerous tissue is removed to within 100% of the ‘cut margin’, or the area around the last cut
  • Less tissue removed means less potential for scarring
  • Very high cure rate (over 95%)
  • Day procedure under local anaesthetic
  • Most patients will not need to stay overnight in hospital

Mohs surgery is very well suited to cancers in hard-to-access places, or where it is difficult to find the edges of the cancer. It has also been proven to work well for cases where cancer has been removed and has returned.

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