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Additional Services

Dr Glenn & PartnersDr Glenn & Partner Medical Imaging

Dr Glenn & Partners Medical Imaging provides a comprehensive range of services including MRI, CT, X-Ray and OPG, Ultrasound and Interventional procedures.

Located on the ground floor of Wollongong Private Hospital, Dr Glenn & Partners’ services are available to patients of the hospital and the general public.

Their expert team of radiologists, technical and administrative staff are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality diagnostic radiology meeting all expectations of accuracy, professionalism, convenience and affordability.

Phone: 02 4243 4000
Fax: 02 4243 4099

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 2pm

Southern IML PathologySouthern IML Pathology

Onsite pathology services are provided by Southern IML. Located on the ground floor of Wollongong Private hospital, Southern IML offer a wide range of pathology and related services. The laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation, which is operated and maintained by a team of highly qualified and experienced laboratory personnel.

Phone: 02 42 4224 7500
Fax: 02 4224 7530

Ramsay PharmacyRamsay Pharmacy is easily accessible and is located in the Hospital’s lobby on Ground Floor. Ramsay Pharmacy stocks an extensive range of pharmacy products and our staff provide a professional and friendly service to all patients, staff and members of the general public. A wide range of health, beauty, toiletries and professional care products are also available for purchase.

Phone: 02 4286 1207

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Ramsay Pharmacy
Ramsay Pharmacy

In keeping with our emphasis on multidisciplinary patient care, inpatient allied health services are provided by a highly competent team of allied health professionals.

Physiotherapists are on site with psychologists, dietitians and speech pathologists available for consultation when required.

Wollongong Private Hospital offers a range of specialised support services including:

  • DVA Liaison Officer – provides comprehensive discharge planning for hospitalised veterans and war widows.
  • Breast Cancer Support Officer – provides emotional support and information to patients and their families following breast cancer surgery.
  • Stomal Therapist - is responsible for helping patients adjust to living with either a permanent or temporary stoma (colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy). The Stomal Therapist offers pre-operative counselling, immediate post-operative care and education as well as follow-up assessment and counselling following patient discharge.
  • Wound Care Nurse - assesses and implements the management of complex wounds. The Wound Care Nurse has an in-depth knowledge of contemporary wound care practices and products.
  • Lactation Consultant – offers assistance with breastfeeding and education to mothers with latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, or inadequate weight gain through in-hospital consultations, classes and post discharge clinics. The Lactation Consultant also provides information and help with breastfeeding products such as breast pumps, breast shells, nipple shields and supplemental nursing systems.
  • GP-led Preadmission Clinic – organises the details of admission to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Patients may visit approximately 7-10 days prior to surgery.
  • Discharge Planner - arranges equipment needed upon discharge and services including home care, nursing home care, rehabilitative care and out-patient medical treatment.
  • Infection control – HICMR - an independent company is contracted by us to provide infection control expertise. HICMR is actively involved in ensuring we have an effective infection control program in place that is based on best practice and compliance with Australian Standards.

To help aid in your recovery, a comprehensive range of holistic therapies are available at Wollongong Private Hospital, provided by Botanical Living. These therapies include:

Remedial Message
½ hour: $65 / 1 hour: $95
½ hour Hand / Foot / Head Massage: $60

Remedial Massage is a therapeutic treatment using pressure from gentle through to deep depending on the patients’ condition. A combination of soft tissue techniques are used to locate and relieve tight, knotted, sore and fatigued muscles.

Pregnancy / Post Birth Massage
½ hour: $65 / 1 hour: $95

Pregnancy massage uses Remedial Massage techniques that are safe for pregnant women. This treatment is done in a side lying position supported with pillows. This is a nice way to support your changing body at this time as well as prepare for child birth.

Oncology Massage
½ hour: $65 / 1 hour: $95

A gentle, mindful, intentioned massage technique that is adapted to safely meet the needs of those with cancer. Oncology massage has shown to support symptom management associated with cancer treatment. Through gentle massage the relaxation response is activated through the body, which in turn, supports the immune system.

Yoga Nidra Meditation
40 minutes: $65

Yoga Nidra is an ancient Yogic Meditation technique that allows you to relax very deeply, recharge your energy and awaken your awareness to higher consciousness. The process is done in a lying down position (Savasana) which helps to remove fatigue and gives rest to the mind. It involves a series of steps including breath awareness, Sankalpa (a resolution or positive intention that is formed in the heart to guide you), body awareness rotation and awareness of opposites.

Depending on your level of extras cover, you may be eligible to claim a health fund rebate for these services. Alternatively, EFTPOS facilities are available.