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Graduate Nursing

We offer programs for Endorsed Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses and Midwives.

Wollongong Private Hospital’s goal is to provide you with a supportive Graduate Nurse Program - ‘Gradplus’/ Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurses or Midwife ‘BubClub’ built around your specific learning needs. The aim is to assist in your professional and personal development to become a competent and confident Registered Nurse/ Enrolled Nurse or Midwife.

The Graduate Nurse programs endorse the principles of adult education and problem based learning. We strive to create a learning environment, where your prior experiences are a valuable resource for further learning and construction of new knowledge.

The Gradplus programs will offer you the opportunity to develop your clinical skills by rotating you through a variety of patient care settings, or direct entry into our specialised areas. You will find that our supportive preceptors and other staff will assist you to further develop your confidence. You will have access to a specifically tailored clinical competency program. Advancement through this program in your graduate year gives you the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the challenges of clinical nursing.

Wollongong Private Hospital has a dedicated Learning and Development Manager who is the Graduate Nurse Coordinator. The Graduate Nurse Coordinator and works with the learning and development team with our expert educators (the Graduate Team), to facilitate and organise the activities offered in the program and ensure that you are offered diverse learning experiences in your transition from student to Enrolled/ Registered Nurse or Midwife. Furthermore, the Graduate Team are available to support, coach and assist you with any questions you may have throughout the year.

The following are just some of the things that will be offered to you at Wollongong Private Hospital as a part of your Graduate Nurse Program:

  • Structured paid orientation

  • Preceptorship throughout your graduate year

  • Supernumerary periods at the beginning of each new clinical rotation

  • Paid study days, delivering quality education provided by experts in the field

  • An individual portfolio to assist you in the development of your clinical skills

  • Regular meetings throughout your graduate year with the Graduate Team and your peers, discussing relevant issues for your transition from student to Enrolled/ Registered Nurse or Midwife

  • One on one support and coaching from your Graduate Team

  • Ongoing group learning activities and self-directed learning programs. These occur at regular intervals throughout your graduate year. They are designed to allow you to discuss your clinical challenges and work through clinical patient scenarios that are relevant to your day to day experiences. This will assist you to develop analytical and critical skills and integrate your knowledge within the context of the real practice setting

  • Free electronic library service providing you access to an extensive collection of books and videos, journals, a document delivery and research service and access to popular databases such as CINAHL, MEDLINE and PROQUEST

  • Specific education forums and study days.

  • Post Graduate Scholarships for further study

  • Programs in the following areas:
    • Theatre – direct entry perioperative
    • Intensive Care Unit – direct entry critical care
    • Midwifery – direct entry post graduate
    • General – medical and surgical
    • Looking to develop a cardiac program with coronary care and cath lab rotations

These are just the beginning of the advantages that working at Wollongong Private Hospital could offer you. We are confident that you will see many more if successful with your application.

So what are you waiting for? For information about the Gradplus program and application process check out: www.ramsaycareers.com.au.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our Graduate Nurse Coordinator:

Lauren Hurt
Wollongong Private Hospital
Gradplus Coordinator
02 4286 1098

Graduate Nursing