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NAVIO Surgical System

Wollongong Private Hospital offers the latest technology in Knee Replacements with the NAVIO Surgical System.

The NAVIO Surgical System is designed to assist surgeons in implant positioning, ligament balancing and bone preparation – key factors that determine the success of a knee replacement. The NAVIO Surgical System does this without requiring a CT scan and allows surgeons, staff and patients the experience of a patient-specific plan.


Knee Replacement Surgery

If your surgeon recommends you undergo knee replacement surgery for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, you may be a suitable candidate for a partial or total knee replacement using the NAVIO Surgical System.

A partial knee replacement is a procedure that replaces the single damaged compartment of the knee, while a total knee replacement replaces all three compartments of the knee. This surgical procedure is usually performed to relieve pain, improve alignment and correct bone deformity and maximise quality of life.

Using the NAVIO robotic system, your surgeon will size and position the knee replacement with a combination of computer and robotic assistance. Computer assistance is used to collect the unique shape and motion of your knee while robotic assistance during the procedure adds an extra layer of planning and accuracy. The NAVIO surgical system does not perform the procedure but assists the surgeon to achieve consistent and more precise results.

During surgery a 3D model of your knee is generated and used to plan the procedure, guiding the surgeon’s choice of implant size and positioning. A robotic hand held tool is then used to accurately position bone removal cut guides for the removal of the damaged bone, making room for the implant to be positioned, cleaned and closed.

Benefits of surgery using the NAVIO Surgical System may include:

  • Real-time imaging eliminates the need for CT scan resulting in reduced radiation exposure
  • Accurately placed implant
  • Reduction in knee pain
  • Improvement in ability to perform common activities
  • Improved survivorship of implant

As with any surgical procedure there are associated risks and benefits cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific.

Please consult your doctor for more information about the NAVIO Surgical System.