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Your Stay

Delivering memories

Ramsay Health Care has been proudly Delivering Memories
in the Illawarra region for over 30 years, providing families
with a personalised maternity birth experience, in a warm
and friendly environment.

Your Stay at Wollongong Private Hospital

Lactation consultant with family

Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding Classes are held three times each week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:15am – 11am.

Classes are run by our Lactation Consultant and are held in the Maternity Education Room. These classes are a great opportunity for you to meet other mothers and to discuss any feeding or settling issues that you may be experiencing. Partners are also welcome.

Appointments can be made by your Midwife to attend these classes.

As part of our services at Wollongong Private Hospital, you will be fully supported by our lactation consultant and experienced team.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst an inpatient, external services provided by private lactation consultants are not permitted.


Your meals are prepared fresh daily and onsite. You will receive a menu each morning to make your selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Special dietary requirements are catered for and a consultant dietician is available if required.

During labour we will supply food and beverages for your support persons. 

Complimentary High Tea Experience

A complimentary, indulgent high tea is offered to you and your partner, to help you celebrate the arrival of your new baby. A beautifully presented selection of cakes and sandwiches with accompanying teas will be served during your stay. Find out more about this new benefit exclusive to maternity patients.

Physiotherapy classes

Postnatal physiotherapy classes are held on Monday and Thursday at 1pm

Appointments can be made by your Midwife and we encourage all women to attend these classes. A one on one session can be arranged after the class if needed.

These classes will answer questions such as:

  • When will my shape return to normal?
  • How big is my abdominal separation?
  • When will my back ache ease?
  • What tummy exercises can I start?
  • When can I start pelvic floor exercises?
  • When can I return to sport?
  • Are there any special considerations for a caesarean birth?

Physiotherapists are also available on request from your Doctor.

Information packages

Wollongong Private Hospital provides our maternity patients with useful information on a range of topics including emotional support, safe sleeping, medication during pregnancy and more. Click here to view this information.

Film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre

See information on film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre

Can my partner stay?

Your partner is welcome to stay overnight when an appropriate room is allocated, subject to availability. The cost for partners staying over is $50 per day, which is payable at front reception prior to 12.30pm daily. Only one person will be able to stay with you overnight.

It is important that partners read the 'terms and conditions' and abide by the below Partners code of conduct. Partners must also be aware that our focus of care will always remain on you and your baby.

Partners code of conduct

In choosing to stay overnight, partners agree to be bound to the following:

  • Your presence during the hospital stay must not impede the care of your partner or the care of another patient
  • Nursing and housekeeping routines will not be delayed e.g. to allow you to sleep in
  • Sleeping unclothed is unacceptable
  • Once out of bed a dressing gown or equivalent attire is to be worn
  • No sleepwear may be worn outside your partner's room


Siblings are welcome to visit but are not permitted to stay overnight.