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Robotic Surgery

Innovation has always been in our DNA. At Ramsay Health Care, we stand at the forefront of world-leading innovation in health care delivery to bring Illawarra patients a world of benefits.

From diagnosis, through to surgery and post-operative care, this brave new world brings unprecedented advantages to patients while enhancing the capabilities of our surgeons. Our portfolio of robotic surgical systems include:

  • da Vinci Xi Surgical System: As the region’s leader in robotic-assisted surgery, in May 2018 Wollongong Private Hospital acquired the da Vinci Xi surgical system for use in procedures from urology to gynaecology. This cutting-edge technology allows complex surgery through just a few small incisions, resulting in less pain, less risk of infection and a faster recovery for patients. The mechanism of the system involves robotic-assisted wrist instruments which operate directly on the patient. These instruments replicate a surgeon’s own hand movements, who retains complete control throughout, but with increased precision.

  • Mazor Robotic Renaissance System: An innovative and minimally-invasive approach to spinal surgery, this robotic system allows surgeons to pre-plan procedures by using 3D imaging software in tandem with robotic technology to create a unique patient surgical ‘blueprint’. During the procedure, the robotic system guides the surgeon’s tools in accordance with the patient’s spinal blueprint, to ensure implants are placed with even greater safety and accuracy.

  • NAVIO Surgical System: To improve the survivorship of implants in knee arthroplasty (knee replacement), this handheld robotic system provides surgeons greater precision and control in component positioning, ligament balancing and bone preparation. For patients this can mean a faster recovery and speedy improvement in mobility.

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