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Heartfelt Camera Donation to Wollongong Private Hospital

Oct 14, 2016

As a volunteer Heartfelt Photographer, Nicole Akhurst, has given the gift of professional photographic memories to many families in the Illawarra, affected by the pain of pregnancy loss.

“It’s beyond heartbreaking, every single time. Every family I have had the honour of meeting has left a very special place in my heart.” said Mrs Akhurst.

Sadly in 2015, the grief of pregnancy loss became a reality of her own when Nicole and her husband Bradley experienced the heartbreaking loss of their precious baby girl, Ava May, at just 18 weeks gestation.

“In our darkest moments, we were so very blessed when a Heartfelt volunteer came to our beside and gave us tangible photographic memories of our beautiful daughter, capturing details which would otherwise be forgotten in detail. The images are gentle and healing and the most priceless gift to cherish forever,”

With a deeper understanding and personal appreciation for the Heartfelt service, the Akhurst family created a fundraising campaign with the aim of raising $6500 to support Heartfelt in providing precious memories to more than one hundred Australian families affected by stillbirth every month.

Raising a remarkable $5700, the Akhurst family have used a portion of the funds to purchase a Camera Kit which has been generously donated to Wollongong Private Hospital, in memory of their daughter Ava May and all the angel babies of IPOBA (Illawarra Parents of Baby Angels).

The Heartfelt Camera Kit donation includes a quality compact camera, small printer, instructional videos and staff training in how to use the camera kit to take professional photos. This beautiful donation provides Wollongong Private Hospital the resources to offer photographic memories to families affected by stillbirth, should a heartfelt photographer be unavailable to attend to a family.

Wollongong Private Hospital CEO, Malcolm Passmore thanked the Akhurst family for their generosity.

“For the Akhurst family to offer this gift to other families despite their own heartache is truly selfless.”