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Ramsay Surgical Centre brings quality care into the digital age

Jan 16, 2019

A new luxurious state-of-the-art day surgery – which is opening at Wollongong Private Hospital – is set to reimagine the consumer’s experience.

Ramsay Surgical Centre, located on Level 5 of the hospital, will open its doors to patients on 4 February 2019. The new facility will create 20 additional jobs and allow 2000 more patients per year to access high-quality surgical treatment without having to leave the Illawarra region.

Wollongong Private Hospital CEO, David Crowe, said the Ramsay Surgical Centre will:

  • Include a dedicated cardiac catheter laboratory service to enhance cardiac services.
  • Include an efficient stand-alone day surgery providing first-class treatment to patients in specialties such as ophthalmology, gastroenterology, urology, minor orthopaedics (hand surgery).
  • Create capacity to expand a range of higher acuity surgical specialties at Wollongong Private Hospital.

“Our mission is to provide efficient, innovative, world-class treatment – as our customers deserve and expect – in a supportive and caring environment,” Mr Crowe said.

Patients will be greeted by a concierge and sweeping 180 degree views of the escarpment and ocean when they arrive at the Ramsay Surgical Centre.

“We really wanted to make the experience as personalised and pleasant as possible for our patients – as going to hospital can sometimes be a daunting prospect. We decided to emulate a day spa feel with warm, soft colours taken from nature. We think this creates a more relaxed feel for patients before they go into the operating theatre.”

Mr Crowe said there are plans to digitise the day surgery journey at the Ramsay Surgical Centre to make the process easier and more immediate for patients, staff and doctors.

“The new online platform will have an inbuilt ‘care plan’ to assist with key steps in the hospital journey - from the moment there is a request to admit a patient,” he said.

The system will have three separate portals that can be accessed by patients, doctors, and hospital staff. It will keep track of various actions – such as filling out personal details, signature checks, pre-admission and post-discharge instructions. 

Patients will be able to receive email or SMS notifications:

  • To confirm their pre-admission schedule.
  • If their consent form needs signing.
  • To remind them about pre-op instructions.
  • Outlining payment instructions.
  • To remind them one day before their scheduled surgery.
  • Containing follow-up information after their surgery.

Doctors will be able to access a dashboard which provides real-time information about their patients, including a view of available operating theatre sessions, whether their patients have checked in and the ability to order the operating theatre list schedule.

Once the surgery has finished, the next of kin will be able to receive email or SMS notifications:

  • When the patient exits theatre.
  • When the patient is ready for pick-up.

Mr Crowe said the team was excited about the positive difference the new facility will make to the lives of the patients who choose to seek treatment within its walls.

“It’s not only the current patients who will benefit from this new centre. The development has been designed for future growth – there are options to expand the services when required to cater for a growing Illawarra population,” he said.

Check out the Ramsay Surgical Centre website.