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Robotic technology to advance spinal surgery


Robotic technology to advance spinal surgery at Wollongong Private Hospital

Nov 10, 2016

Wollongong Private Hospital is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System for complex spinal surgery.

As one of only two hospitals in NSW offering the Mazor Robotics system, Wollongong Private Hospital continues to strengthen its reputation as the leader of health care services in the Illawarra.

With guidance from the Mazor Robotics Renaissance System, surgeons are able to pre-plan spinal surgery using 3D imaging software, allowing for the identification of surgical challenges and the formulation of a patient tailored surgical plan.

During surgery, the robotic system guides the surgeon and enables the precise execution of the surgical plan in minimally invasive, complex and routine spinal procedures. The robotic technology offers a high level of screw placement accuracy resulting in better patient outcomes including a reduction in revision rates, reduced post-operative pain and faster recovery.

Acting Wollongong Private Hospital CEO, Malcolm Passmore said he was pleased that the Hospital could offer its Neurosurgeons state of the art equipment to further improve patient’s surgical outcomes.

“We are excited to be one of very few hospitals in Australia to offer surgeons this essential technology to advance their spinal surgery capabilities.”

“Installation of the Mazor Robotic System at Wollongong Private Hospital is great news for patients of the Illawarra. We anticipate this new technology will benefit more than 300 local private patients each year requiring surgical treatment for conditions such as spinal deformity, spinal weakness and chronic back pain.”

The arrival of the Mazor Robotics System has been much anticipated by the Hospital’s Neurosurgeons. All spinal surgeons at the Hospital have now had the opportunity to use the Mazor Robotic system and have been impressed by efficiencies the new technology offers.

Neurosurgeon Dr Jerry Day said, “The Mazor Renaissance system gives the surgeon the ability to precisely plan each procedure and subsequently conduct each patient’s surgery with confidence and consistently accomplish precision implant placement. This, in turn, decreases operative time and significantly improves patient safety. This system is truly state of the art technology for spine surgery.”