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Wollongong Private Hospital specialist Tony Palasovski

Dr Tony Palasovski


Dr Tony Palasovski is a specialist general surgeon with an interest in oncoplastic breast surgery. He operates exclusively in the Wollongong area.

Dr Tony Palasovski provides a oncoplastic breast surgery service in Wollongong. Bringing a wealth of experience and skills, he offers patients the latest in breast surgical techniques and multidisciplinary breast care.

After receiving his surgical fellowship in 2011 to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Dr Palasovski completed prestigious fellowships in general and oncoplastic breast surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, a world leading authority in the management of complex breast cancer.

He has since worked as a VMO and general surgeon with an interest in the assessment and treatment of breast cancer and the delivery of breast surgeries that conserve or restores the natural shape of the breast. He is also an advocate of safe and modern breast implant surgery including en bloc capsulectomy and implant removal in women with complex implant related issues.

Dr Palasovski was responsible for the establishment and is the current supervisor of the sought after Post Fellowship Training in Breast Surgery in Wollongong, one of only a few positions in New South Wales.

He is truly committed to a comprehensive breast service with access to treatment modalities for all patients. His approach combines early detection and diagnosis with advanced techniques for excisional and implant based reconstructive surgery.

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